AMC Elettronica was founded in 1974 and the first product designed by the company was in collaboration with the University of Pavia - this being the Microwave detector “RIVELA”. It immediately obtained a huge response in the Italian and the foreign market. Within a few years the Company established itself as a successful player within the Security Sector despite this to be still an unknown sector in the Italian Industry, the most impact caused by the high quality design and local production of the detectors. In the 80’s AMC decided to launch the Alarm Control Units, Diallers and Sirens to the already now well established detector market. In the mid 80’s the EL80 was launched - the first AMC’ Alarm Control Unit, while four years later the first dialler with vocal synthesis, the CT901SV was introduced to the market. The 90’s indicated a revolutionary change in the security market and AMC was ready to meet this demand by launching the first remote controllable and radio system. AMC, always moving with the times, on and on this occasion, at the Milan’s International Security Fair in 98‘ presents the C136 Alarm Control Unit, a fully pc programmable system via modem, and the CR100 system, a completely lithium-ion battery supplied radio alarm system.

Today AMC has a well established international distribution network, featuring excellent products, “made in Italy” and especially paying attention to detail when designing the products. This has been well recognised in the industry, testimony to this is the numerous awards received for meeting customer needs and expectations. AMC is a wholly Italian owned company. Their main activity is the production and the commercialisation of Alarm components. The company’s headquarter is in Alzate Brianza which is located near Como and only 30 km north of Milan, which can be reached with ease via the A4 and A8 highway - pretty centrally and easily reachable from all 3 main Airports, i.e. Bergamo, Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa.
In Lurago d’Erba, only a few kilometres away from the headquarters, we have our test laboratory and a fully automated production line for the SMT technology electronic boards. The Laboratory can perform CE omologations for third parties, thanks to the complete high and latest technology instruments. To greater guarantee the product, the business seeks further approval from outside authorities, authorised to inspect the equipment continuously to allow to maintain the high quality.

R & D

The production is entirely done in house. The SMT technology boards are mounted using a fully automated mounting line that, thanks to the optical/laser technology, ensures a high productivity grade and an optimum quality level. Subsequently the boards move into the traditional mounting place using the wave welders. The high automation level of the electronic board mounting process allows our company to retain the competitive edge against our competitors who chose to manufacture in areas with cheaper workforce.


All products are designed and manufactured by AMC, thanks to the R&D laboratory which employee’s high calibre engineers. Projects are realised with state of the art instruments, such as the latest generation of emulators for microprocessor’s programming and computers such as CAD. Once the prototype has been built it will be subjected during its testing period to severe controls by our engineers assisted by using the sophisticated instruments in our laboratories.


All testing is performed in house, by using the needle bench created in our workshop. All work is monitored by computers systems created ad hoc for the specific product. Before the product goes into sale, it’s tested on electronic and functional level. Thanks to the stringent controls and the total quality methodology, that consist in controlling every single electronic board, AMC is able to provide a warranty from two to ten years on their products.


AMC has been able to handle the ever changing market, and passing any difficult moment thanks to the completely dedicated team of people they have employed. Today the team is more and more motivated with the ambition to bring the company to excellence towards the sector leadership, by the means of the attention and the service provided to its customers. In a world where globalisation is the economy’s keyword, AMC wants to reach its objective by projecting to new horizons and goals, by never forgetting the experience and the old values that saw her rising and growing. Honesty, care and constantly attention toward the mutable market are the basis of our business.

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